Build a Custom Promotional Product

Our new Custom Merch Builder is for projects that require branded merch to be built from scratch using colors that represent your brand!  It's currently available on nearly 200 cut & sew products and counting.


Build your branded merch in three easy steps:

1. Navigate to our Custom Merch Builder by clicking the button below. Once you're there, select a product from the drop down menu at the top and begin designing! Test every color combination.  Change the zipper, the hardware, the material color, the bias,
everything. Find your perfect look.


2. Once you're done building your product, you'll be able to upload your logo to see it on your merch!

3. Click the "Download as PDF" button and email the PDF to along with your contact info and anything else you'd like to tell us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!


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